Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Hezbollah loving little prick is gonna finally learn how to 'live' without a corporate jet. That's my goal....

Lets End the Era of 
Let Them Eat Cake

At NISSAN the evil comes from inside and
I'm gonna CRUSH it"
Sharyn Bovat

I sent Mr. Tavares a LOT of emails about problems at Nissan and I was called into meeting with HR 4 times...Please just read my email to Mr. Tavares on April 23 & then see that HE responded and met with me "face to face" for almost 3 hours in May.  Dominique Thormann the current CFO at Renault was the SVP of Finance and Administration the dots are "clearly connected" to him.   After my blog sent him back to Paris in 2009 he was "hidden" from America and then Ghosn made him CFO.  WHY?  I'll tell YOU why.....

that was the website that led the viral effort that vindicated 3 men that were faslely accused of being spies at Renault

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