Friday, September 21, 2012

Connecting the Dots.... Renault Spy Scandal...NISSAN Whistleblower

Der Spiegel reports that the team around Michel Balthazard, had made “disrespectful comments regarding the corporate strategy” of Renault: “EVs harbor many unsolved problems, for which there is not even a hint of a solution.” Who knows, maybe they were amongst the 200 executives that said similar things to KPMG. Of course, such impure thoughts are heresy at Renault which is betting the house on the success of EVs. 

“We put $5 billion on the table,” said “If this goes wrong, we are dead.”   Francois Bancon, chief strategist at Nissan. 

 The whistleblower that spoke out agains the EV in America was jailed 3 times on "trumped up" charges the CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn.

At the same time 3 men that spoke out about the EV in Renault faced "trumped up" spy allegations. the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn.

The faux French spies are connected to Sharyn Bovat the former Co War researcher.  How weird is that.... what's the common link.....GHOSN!!!!

Click the link - Connect the dots and ask NISSAN to mediate with the Whistleblower.  Sharyn Bovat deserves RESPECT!!!

Many in the “auto” industry know that Ghosn's Going Green only had to do with “personal” green.  The American taxpayers are "tapped out" the Renault Three and me are victims of a Renault "cover up" Carlos Ghosn is the man who sold the Emperor "New" Clothes  called the Leaf
Taxpayer Billions Could Fall Short In Creating New Jobs, More Efficient Cars   By Ronnie Greene and Matthew Mosk  
The report by the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, focuses on the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program, which has infused five companies with more than $8 billion in loans. Those dollars are intended to help the likes of the Ford Motor Co. and Nissan North America, as well as cutting-edge electric carmakers Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive, expand their fleets of fuel efficient autos......"The Energy Department's inspector general, Gregory Friedman, said his office has 64 open investigations centered on stimulus spending. They include "the directing of contracts and grants to friends and family," Friedman told the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations earlier this month."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Renault Spy Scandal Linked to Locker ie Cover Up.....

Rogue GOP Bloggers are Trying to Silence the Whistleblower....  WHY?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Listen to Sharyn on the American Maverick Blog Talk Show Describing the Fraud That NISSAN has Done to the American Taxpayers...

BlogTalkRadio - Host
Jul 30, 2012 – Join host Flint Engleman as we welcome famed whistleblower Sharyn Bovat. Sharyn's investigative reporting has exposed actions by the ...

  1. The blog of Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower. Because she whistleblew about DOE fraud, Discrimination, and Corruption Sharyn Bovat has been bullied ... - Cached
  2. The blog of Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower. Because she whistleblew about DOE fraud, Discrimination, and Corruption Sharyn Bovat has been bullied ...
  3. Join host Flint Engleman as we welcome famed whistleblower Sharyn BovatSharyn's investigative reporting has exposed actions by the Obama adminstration involving ... - Cached
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This Hezbollah loving little prick is gonna finally learn how to 'live' without a corporate jet. That's my goal....

Lets End the Era of 
Let Them Eat Cake

At NISSAN the evil comes from inside and
I'm gonna CRUSH it"
Sharyn Bovat

I sent Mr. Tavares a LOT of emails about problems at Nissan and I was called into meeting with HR 4 times...Please just read my email to Mr. Tavares on April 23 & then see that HE responded and met with me "face to face" for almost 3 hours in May.  Dominique Thormann the current CFO at Renault was the SVP of Finance and Administration the dots are "clearly connected" to him.   After my blog sent him back to Paris in 2009 he was "hidden" from America and then Ghosn made him CFO.  WHY?  I'll tell YOU why.....

that was the website that led the viral effort that vindicated 3 men that were faslely accused of being spies at Renault

Renault Spies & Strauss Kahn

Scandal Linked to Carlos Ghosn.

Sadly a LOT of the mischief that 
has happened in the world is 
linked to him and his "friends"
I learned this from a boy from BLACKWATER!!!

People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing 
the bullying of a former research worker.  Carlos Ghosn 
was involved in the Iran Contra era but that should not 
give him the right to “abuse” the American taxpayers or 
an American.

Carlos Ghosn’s executives have used the Tennessee judicial 

system as a tool to discredit the whistleblower.  Had this not 
happened TWO federal budgets could have “allocated” 
resources differently.   DOE Fraud Happened!

I guess “that’s” why they jailed me and took away my 

constitutional rights.
Carlos Ghosn did deals with Iran to many foreign 
policy hawks that’s scary

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